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Things He Said

There once was a girl, who once loved a man. She gave and she gave, with very little given back. She saw through glasses made of roses, while washing the world with good intentions. One winter evening at a party

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She Waits

Imagine living in a box, wanting to so desperately to break free. Imagine waiting so patiently, for something founded on fantasy. If only she could destroy reality, by washing her hands clean. “Remember to breathe,” she said, “when you break

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Completely Me

I recently went to my very first burn. LOF 2015. It was such a transformative experience, that I decided to stop shaving my armpits and stop wearing deodorant. Something shifted within and I embraced my true self. Animal instincts, flaws,

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Loving Cup

After staying up all night, the evening of July 4th, in the early morning hours I took this image. It was slightly accidental, yet it was the best photo I took the whole trip. It is excessively feminine, as it

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