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Terrible Vision

In an effort to break away from my norm, (i.e. blue flowers and self-portraits) I began going through some older work from my Leaving Home Behind series. It is a photo essay that takes place at Evergreen Village, a trailer

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Blue Flower Plate II

There is something about Queen Anne’s Lace that draws me. This being the second image of the flower I have posted here, (See Blue Flower), I have to say it is probably one of my favorite “weeds” or wild flowers

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Burning Bush at the End of Summer

I don’t have a lot to say about this image, other then it was taken at the studio where my partner and I made rag paper and cyanotypes last year. I believe this image was shot at the tail end

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Spider Plant and I

In an attempt to shed some light into my blog and break away from the serious nature of the representation of my self-portraits, I felt the need to revisit my Impossible Series images. It has been quite some time since

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My Chastity Belt

When I first began taking my self-portraits last summer, I had every intention on making each one severely out of focus, then I thought, where is the skill in that?! (however it is quite a bit harder than it looks

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